Programs Offered

Dental Assistant

10-Week, 240 Hour Program

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This program is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position in a dental office. Our hands-on approach will provide students with real life training in a dental office to ensure a complete understanding of equipment instrumentation and procedures. A student will also have the option to become certified in Dental Radiology.

Locations: New Iberia, Lake Charles

Orthodontic Assistant

4-Week, 80 Hour Program

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The objective of this course is to maximize clinical efficiency and to fully develop the necessary understanding of orthodontic principles and practices. Students will be exposed to diagnostic records, growth appliances, insertion, maintenance and removal of brackets and bands. *Prerequisites: Completed dental assistant program of at least 160 hours with official transcript, or documented evidence of at least 1 year of employment in a dental office.

Locations: New Iberia

EKG Technician

4-Week, 80 Hour Program

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The Electrocardiograph Technician program introduces the principles of basic electrocardiograph that prepare the technician to perform non-invasive cardiac testing procedures in a supervised healthcare setting. This program includes basic anatomy and physiology, with an emphasis on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The program also instructs on cardiovascular disease and possible treatment options. Advanced interpretation of basic and life threatening arrhythmias.

Locations: New Iberia, Lake Charles, Online Division

Phlebotomy Technician

10-week, 240 Hour Program

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After completing this course, our students will enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to become entry-level Phlebotomy Technicians. Students will be able to make decisions regarding collection tubes and the importance of sterile site procedures. Most importantly, our students will learn how to perform testing procedures while minimizing patient discomfort and how to properly handle emergency situations.

Locations: New Iberia, Lake Charles

Medical Office Assistant

8-Week, 160 Hour Program

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This course prepares students to work as an entry-level Medical Office Assistant. Specific titles include receptionist, bill collector, appointment scheduler or medical records clerk in healthcare centers such as clinics, hospitals, ambulatory care centers and medical billing offices.

Locations: New Iberia, Lake Charles

Medical Insurance and Coding Specialist

4-Week, 80 Hour Program

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Students will be educated on processing insurance claims within the medical or dental field. This course is designed to familiarize students with major health insurance programs and Federal health regulations, and provide a basic knowledge of diagnostic and procedural coding systems. Our students will also learn to use ICD-10-CM and CPT books.

Location: New Iberia, Lake Charles

Physical Therapy Technician

8-Week, 160 Hour Program

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Students will learn to assist a Physical Therapist in a professional atmosphere. This course focuses on principles and techniques, as well as anatomy, physiology, patient transfer, positioning patients and range of motion exercises. Our Physical Therapy Technician lab is fully equipped for practical experiences.

Location: New Iberia